About US


Since 5th January 2007, Bangladesh Institute of Thyroid Medicine & Imaging Research as a pioneer is providing imaging education, clinical care and research, the center co-ordinate the activities of several medical center and departments involve in diagnostic ultrasound & thyroid medicine. Bangladesh Institute of Thyroid Medicine & Imaging Research is affiliated with- World Association of Integrated Medicine (WAIM), Delhi & USA, BITMIT is an academic Institute of The Thyroid Center.

At least 6000 doctors passed from BITMIR in last ten years & they are now working different hospitals in Bangladesh & abroad. This institute has a commitment to maintain the international standard in through-out the course programme and this it has developed a panel of experienced teachers, instructors. A library enriched with latest world famous standard textbooks, journals, CDs, books. Practical facilities with modern audio visual system, 2D Ultrasound, 4D Color Doppler & Power Doppler and Elastoscan machines. This is a quality diagnostic ultrasound institute where state of the art scanning is performed. We do small parts, Paediatric Ultrasound, Color Doppler & Power Doppler Ultrasound, Elastoscan, Micro vascular imaging, 4D Ultrasound, 4D With Doppler, Fly through Scan, Super micro vascular imaging, Transrectal, Transabdominal, Transvaginal, Saline Sonography. The center offers doctors 1 years Diploma course (DMU) and 3 months Certificate Courses, Which Includes:

  1. Observing all scans done during the day work.

  2. Audio-visual lectures on important aspects and case studies. All lectures are Power-point presentations.

  3. 7 ultrasound machines including Color and power Doppler.Videos on case studies, diseases, interventional procedures.

  4. Access to an excellent collection of latest Ultrasound books and journals.

  5. Hands on training with scanning machine on volunteers and patients.