Course Profile

Certificate in Medical Ultrasound (CMU)

Course profile:

Theoretical classes: 12

Session: (52 lecture classes) include exam.

Practical classes: 10am-5pm (Friday, Saturday, Tuesday)

Reviews Class, Slide Session. Reporting Session & 4 Exam, Full time practical (10am-5pm. Friday, Saturday, Tuesday)

Diploma in Medical Ultrasound (DMU Advance)

Session: DMU program enrolls student twice in a year: A winter session-start from 1st January B summer session-starts from 1st July.

Course Profile: Advance Diploma includes Physics of ultrasound, X-ray, CT Scan, MRI Scan, abdominal, Gynae & Obs (with congenital ) ultrasound, Small Parts, TVS/Echocardiography, TRS, Full Course Color Doppler, Power Doppler USG, Paediatric USG, Musculo-skeletal USG.

DMU program commences with a 12 months (four semester of full time didactic course along with 9 months intensive hands on training and review followed by dissertation & final examination).


Certificate In Transvaginal Ultrasound (TVS)

Course Profile: Theoretical Session: 4(12 hours), Practical Session 4(8 hours), Slide Show and review Session: 01(03 hours).


Certificate In Color Doppler Ultrasound (CDU)

Course Profile: Theoretical Session: 14(48 hours), Practical Session 16(32 hours), Slide Show and review Session: 04(01 hours).


Certificate In Echocardiography (CEC)

Course Profile: Theoretical Session: 12(36 hours), Practical Session 12(18 hours), Slide Show and review Session: 01(04 hours).


Certificate Course In Thyroid Medicine (CTM)

Course Profile: Theoretical Session: 09, review session: 01, Midterm & Final Exam. Practical session accounting to need.


Certificate In Modern Techniques of 4D Ultrasound  (CMDU)

12 session Review Class, Slide / practical Session, Rep orting Session & 4 Exam, Full time practical 9am to 7 pm.

Course-1: Colour Doppler; Course-2: 4D Ultrasound (Abdomen, Gynae & 4D Pregnancy with early and late Anomaly Scan); Course-3: 4D TVS with Doppler; Course-4: Fly Through Scan, Micropure Scan, ADF (Advacne Dynamic Flow) Orientation of Elastoscan for detection of Cancer and chronic Diseases; Course-5: Fetal Echo;