Dr. A.K.M Fazlul Bari

New Arrival in BITMIR

  • Vascular system 3D/4D
  • Thyroid,Breast,Testes and any Mass in body, Skin 3D/4D

New Courses:

  • CMDU (4D courses)
  • MSc in Imaging
  • CMSkU ( Muskuloskeletal Ultrasound course)

Admission Going on

DMU (Adv. & Reg.)  January Session 2019

Extended Date of Admission: 20.01.2019

Batches  Day Time Orientation Class Date
DMU-55 (Advance) Friday (M) 9.30AM -12.00PM 25.01.2019
DMU-57 (Advance) Friday(E)  2.30 PM-5.00 PM 01.02.2019
DMU-56  (Advance) Saturday (E) 2.30 PM-5.00 PM 02.02.2019
DMU-58 (Regular) Tuesday (E) 2.30 PM-5.00 PM 12.02.2019


Orientation Class For MSc. In Medical Imaging 08.02.2019 at 3.00 PM

Next Batches

Next Batches


CMU-169 Friday (M) 18/01/2019
CMU-170 Saturday (E) 26/01/2019
CMU-Special (Save the Children) 26.01.2019
CMU-Special Every Day 19/01/2019
CMDU-08 Saturday (M) 11/01/2019
CEC-22 Saturday (M) 02/02/2019
TVS-37 Tuesday(E) 15/01/2019

Orientation Class For MSc. In Medical Imaging 08.02.2019 at 3.00 PM

Welcome to BITMIR

Since 5th January 2007, Bangladesh Institute of Thyroid Medicine & Imaging Research as a pioneer is providing imaging education, clinical care and research, The center co-ordinate the activities of several medical center and departments involve in diagnostic ultrasound & thyroid medicine. Bangladesh Institute of Thyroid Medicine & Imaging Research is affiliated with – World Association of Integrated Medicine (WAIM), Delhi & USA, BITMIR is an academic Institute of The Thyroid Center.

Gray Scale Division

  • CMU (Certificate in Medical Ultrasound)

  • DMU Advance (Diploma in Medical Ultrasound)

  • TVS (Certificate in Trans Vaginal Ultrasound)

  • CMSU (Certificate Course in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound)

Thyroid Division

  • CTM (Certificate Course in Thyroid Medicine)

Digital Doppler Division

  • CDU (Certificate in Color Doppler Ultrasound)

  • CEC (Certificate in Echocardiography)

4D Advance Imaging

  • CMDU (Certificate in Modern Techniques of 4D Ultrasound)

Course Profile: Advance Diploma includes Physics of ultrasound, X-ray, CT Scan, MRI Scan, abdominal, Gynae & Obs (with congenital ) ultrasound, Small Parts, TVS/Echocardiography, TRS, Full Course Color Doppler, Power Doppler USG, Paediatric USG, Musculo-skeletal USG.

  1. BITMIR Published 1st text book on Ultrasonogram in Bangladesh “Ultrasound & Color Doppler in Medical Science” edited by Dr. A.K.M Fazlul Bari.

  2. A.K.M Fazlul Bari, Associate Professor and Chairman, BITMIR started Elastoscan first time in Bangladesh on 2nd September 2011.

  3. BITMIR started total system of 4D Ultrasound and 4D Ultrasound Course in 2014, first time in Bangladesh.

  4. BITMIR started full Course of Color Doppler in 2009 1st time in Bangladesh.

  5. Text Book on Color Doppler will be published very soon which is 1st time in Bangladesh.


“Suvastu Ittehad Square” House-11
Road-05 (Beside Lab-Aid Hospital)
Hotnile:- 01914245590,
01914245589, 029663542