Bangladesh Institute of Thyroid Medicine & Imaging Research (BITMIR)
Admission Going On : Diploma in Medical Ultrasound DMU (Advance) session January -2017.

About BITMIR Since 5th January 2007, Bangladesh Institute of Thyroid & Imaging Research as a pioneer is providing ultrasound education, clinical care and research. The Center coordinates the activities of several Medical Center and departments involved in diagnostic ultrasound & thyroid medicine.


Admission Going on: Diploma in Medical Ultrasound DMU (Advance) session January-2017
DMU- 40 (Friday Morning)
DMU- 41 (Friday Evening)
CMU- 42 (Saturday Evening)

Upcoming Event News:


Diploma Advance Course: Orientation class will be started

     DMU- 40 (Friday Morning)-20/01/2017

     DMU- 41 (Friday Evening)-28/01/2017

     CMU- 42 (Saturday Evening)-03/02/2017

    Diploma (Advance) Course

     CMU- 149 (Friday Evening)-27/01/2017

     CMU- 150 (Friday Morning)-20/01/2017

     CMU- 151 (Saturday Evening)-04/02/2017

    4D Courses (CMDU)

    CMDU-06 Batch, Friday Evening-24/03/2017

    Others Course

     CTM-10 Friday Evening-24/03/2017

     TVS-23 Thursday Evening -18/03/2017

     CEC-17 Friday Morning-17/03/2017

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