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15 Years Experience About 13,500 Doctors have passed from BITMIR We offers Advance Diploma (ADMU),MSc. in Medical Imaging Course, CMU,TVS,CMDU (4D),CEC, CTM, MSkU.

Since 5th January 2007, Bangladesh Institute of Thyroid & Imaging Research (BITMIR) as a pioneer is providing Ultrasound education, clinical care and research. The Center coordinates the activities of several Medical Center and departments involved in diagnostic ultrasound & Thyroid medicine. Bangladesh Institute of Thyroid Medicine & Imaging Research (BITMIR) is affiliated with Saviour's Unity University of America & World Association of Integrated Medicine (WAIM), Delhi & Divine Healthtech Institute (DHTI), USA, Bangladesh Society of Ultrasonography (BSU) Last 15 years we have successfully completed 68th batches of ADMU (Advance Diploma in Medical Ultrasound), 186th  batches of CMU (Certificate in Medical Ultrasound), 23rd batches of CEC(Certificate Course in Echo Cardiography), 44th  batches of TVS (Certificate in Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound), 23nd batches of CDU (Certificate in Color Doppler Ultrasound) 12th batches of CTM (Certificate Course in Thyroid Medicine), 8th batches of CMDU (Certificate in Modern Techniques of 4D Ultrasound). About & nbsp; 13500 (Thirteen thousand) doctors passed from BITMIR during last 15 years. They are now working in different hospital in Bangladesh & abroad.